Arnold Iger
Arnold Iger - USA

After years of study and travel, including two years at San Francisco’s Academy of Art, three years in filmmaking and painting at the prestigious San Francisco Art Institute, and a term at Japan’s Oomato Foundation studying traditional Japanese art forms. Iger launched his career as a fine artist and has established a reputation as a painter, printmaker and in mixed-media works.

In 1982, Arnold Iger joined forces with associate Paul Kwan on a documentary film project exploring a Vietnamese shamanistic dance/trance cult called Len Dong. Their collaboration resulted in the formation of Persona Grata Productions, their work originated as a live performance integrating film, video, masks, puppets and slide projection. This and other projects had earned them a reputation as gifted visual artists.
Their most recent work ANATOMY OF A SPRINGROLL which was awarded funding by Independent Television Service (ITVS) and broadcasted over national PBS affiliates as well as screenings at the New York Museum of Modern Art