hand-colored etchings

Born in Seattle, Washington, Eileen Sorg still lives and works overlooking the bountiful Hood Canal. With her degree in Wildlife Science from the University of Washington and subsequent time spent studying birds and mammals as a biologist for the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, she has now returned to art with a bit of the scientist still in tow.

Eileen enjoys exploring her subjects and seeking out minute details to express in her work. “With my current work I am seeking to capture the playful, sometimes mischievous side of my subjects, catching them in the act of behaving unexpectedly.”

Eileen’s primary medium is  colored pencil, with ink, pastel, and watercolor applied for added depth. “Primarily, I am a draftsman rather than a painter. I am most comfortable with a pencil in my hand, languishing over all the tiny changes in tone and hue.” The pencil work is essential for breathing life into her subjects and creating softness.